Taking your business to the next level

Please read the article in LEHIGH VALLEY BUSINESS JOURNAL http://www.lvb.com/article/20120607/LVB01/120609929/0/SEARCH?highlight=gerry+pandaleon#.T9YeyYB1cg4.

To expand on this article.  In addition to the 5 items mentioned in the article.  Invest in your employees.  They can take you to the next level.  Treat employees with respect, pay a good salary, supply good benefits and show them that you care about them.  I always made it point to walk through the plant as often as I could.  At least weekly just to say hi.  If you are out in the plant and asking them how things are going.  They will tell you.  They don’t have the time to stop in your office.  Sometimes you didn’t even have to have a conversation.  All I needed to do is see the scrap in the garbage can to know it was a good or bad production day.  At Thanksgiving I always went out to the plant and wished every a Happy Thanksgiving.  Run safety programs and enforce them.  Run monthly educational programs.  Offer educational reimbursement.  Hold monthly communications meetings to share what is going on in the business.  I have seen employees work above and beyond the call of duty because they respected their supervisor and their company.

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