New Service for Micro Business

I am adding a new program to my services for micro businesses. THE PIT STOP PLAN.
The first thing that must happen in the pit stop is the driver has to enter the pit lane. (Make that call).
The lollipop person (Gerry)guides the driver, makes sure they are in the right position and makes sure the driver is ready to go.
Pit stop plan
Mechanic (Gerry) ready to serve you.
You show me your monthly numbers. (Come into pit Lane.)
We make a plan of attack.
1. We check out the body (the Balance Sheet of your business)
2. We kick the tires (Your selling price)
3. We check under the hood (We look at your cost)
4. We check your interior (Accounts Receivable List)
5. We check your fuel.(Cash)
6. We check your brakes.(Loans).
7.We clean your windows.(Website, logo marketing).
8. We check our stats. (Key Performance Indicators, Green Lights and Stop Signs).
9.We make adjustments that are needed.
10. We set up your next pit stop.

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