Everyone is telling you a virtual consultant or a virtual accountant is “just as good” as an on-site accountant. I respectfully disagree. A good consultant or accountant takes in a lot more than just doing the books. If you only interested in a printout then you can do them virtually. If you want it cheaper, do it virtually. I take pride in the work I do and over the years, I have found the on-site walk through the warehouse, physically seeing the equipment and how it is used and how many people it takes to run it is far more valuable. The conversations in the warehouse as to how something keeps breaking down or hearing a certain customer always demands special treatment is not possible when you are off-site being virtual. My clients rely on the advice I give them and I can’t give advice without understanding the whole business operation. There is a place for virtual task. Just make sure you are not sacrificing sound advice for your business.

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