Financial Improvement Services



I am interested in your range of services from

Part-time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to FPA (Financial Planning and Analysis)  services.

             I need someone to come in once a week and write checks and deposit money.

             I have a bookkeeper but I need someone once a month to prepare financial statements for me to review and use to make business decisions

             I have a bookkeeper but I need someone to come in quarterly to prepare and submit financial statements to the bank.

            I have operation managers, but I need an executive team to help guide my company for the future changes in our industry.

            I need someone to develop and give me Key Performance Indicators of non-financial data to grow my business.

            I have SAP and business intelligence software but I can’t get it to give me the information I need.

            I need help with generational issues with my staff.

            I need help with employees and team building.


Do you need someone to talk with?  Give us a call at 610-248-2316 to discuss how we can help you.  Maybe just one call or some of our standard forms can help put you in the right direction.

 Four Main Services:


CFI CFO Sharing Program  3 DAYS A  MONTH PROGRAM satisfies the needs of Small Businesses that cannot afford a full-time Chief Financial Officer.  Give me three days with your books, two hours with you and you have peace of mind for the rest of the month.  We develop key performance indicators personalized for your business.   Setting aside time each month to focus on your numbers allows you to focus on your business the rest of the month.

CFI Strategic Planning and S.W.O.T. analysis. Do you need a well round strategic plan from S.W.O.T analysis to Business Plans. We will work with you and your executive team to identify your Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.  We will help develop a strategic plan to meet your goals.

CFI CFO ONCE  A MONTH PROGRAM on site program where CFI can keep businesses on track for profitability. Your bookkeeper sends your financial information to me the day before the meeting.  The next day we meet for two hours and review your information and develop action items to improve your business. (Part-time CFO)

CFI Let’s get it Sold Program puts the focus on positioning your business to be sold.

The following services are offered on a three month Special Project Program.

CFI offers a variety of key consulting services to help clients maximize their business.
These services include:

  • Financial analysis—CFI will interpret your financial information in a way that fits your business. For example, if you are in the retail business, we will make sure that your financial statements   contain information that you are interested in knowing, such as non-financial data of units sold, clients served, unit cost, unit price and contribution margin.
  • High- Level Bookkeeping Services—If you are in need of a weekly bookkeeper, we are now offering bookkeeping services that included preparing journal entries, monthly financial statements and year end closings.
  • Inventory analysis—We will design inventory reports that meet your needs, and show your inventory turnover and days in inventory.
  • Financial consulting—CFI will help you design a plan to reach the financial goals for your business, and address both long-term and short-term needs.
  • Development of indicators—We will take the current information you have and develop daily, weekly and monthly reports that will monitor the areas you would like to see grow. Not only will we monitor them, but we will predetermine the actions you want to follow when you meet, exceed or fall below your expectations.
  • Merchandising evaluation—Setting the correct selling price for your product or service is a key to financial success in any business. We will examine the cost, mark-up and additional expenses to develop a profitable selling price.
  • Assessment of manufacturing processes—If you are in a manufacturing environment, CFI will match your manufacturing process with your cost to determine cost accuracy, production waste and financial improvements.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)—We will identify the KPIs you need to watch on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. KPIs are both financial and non-financial (i.e. cash, accounts receivable and daily sales can be monetary interests, while units sold, items in inventory and the length of time items are in inventory are non-financial indicators).
  • General business consulting—CFI will help you negotiate terms with your banks, and review legal documents and lease agreements.
  • Start-up assistance—To have a chance to be successful, your business needs to be set up correctly and know where it is headed. You need to know what you want to achieve from your new business venture. CFI can assist with the proper set up of goals and pricing to give your company an added edge to attain success.
  • Business plans—Business plans are a key component for new businesses to obtain financing or grants. CFI will work with you to create a more complete and accurate business plan so your business can gain faster approval.
  • Budgets—Budgets can be very helpful in reaching your goals. We can help you prepare your budgets to give you meaningful feedback during the year.
  • Turnaround guidance—There may be a time when your business needs to regroup and make changes that are necessary to go forward. CFI is experienced in turning around companies and positioning them to compete in the current market. Clients we have worked with in this capacity have achieved enough success to buy other companies or be bought by others.
  • Bank negotiations—If you need help negotiating with a bank to develop new bank covenants, terms, or rates, CFI can help you prepare for the bank meeting and accompany you when you present your information to the bank.
  • Temporary CFO needs—If you are in need of a CFO until you conduct your executive search for a new CFO, CFI can assume the duties so you can take your time selecting the right person for your business.
  • Forensic accounting and fraud investigation—Whenever a company experiences theft of inventory or cash, there is a desire to know the amount of the theft for legal or personal reasons.  The clever embezzlement of funds often makes it difficult to locate all the funds directed outside the company. CFI can conduct an investigation on the company’s behalf and prepare documentation of any misuse of funds that we undercover during our research.