March Focus: Do you know if your business is credit worthy?

The bank has a ranking system for all business loans that they give out?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that if you pay the interest on your line of credit each month you are credit worthy.  Sorry, but you can pay your monthly interest bill each month and still not be credit worthy.

They all have a watch list and an unworthy credit risk list.

This why Key Performance Indicators are so important.  They are looking for trends.  Their main concern is if you can pay the debt back to the bank.

Dust off your line of credit agreement, read it, know what covenants are listed in the agreement.

First the bank could stop lending you money, then they could call the loan.  Where are you going to get the $100,000 to pay off the loan?

You should make it a policy to pay down the line of credit at least once a year.  If you cannot do that, you need to make some changes.  Please call me and we can analyze where you are and where you need to be.


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