Continuous Financial Improvement

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Do you have the need for an “Emergency CFO“?  Call Gerry at 610-248-2316.  (See details below.)

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Emergency CFO

CFI fills your temporary needs when accounting emergencies occur.

What constitutes a CFO emergency?

  • Your CFO is on leave of absence for disability, family medical leave, or any other reason
  • Your CFO has left you abruptly due to embezzlement or fraud
  • Your CFO has left to go to another company
  • You need to get financial statements to the bank tomorrow

Call us to keep things running smoothly in your finance department so you can take your time finding the right CFO to fill the position. CFI will pass your books on to the new CFO in an organized, well-documented condition.

Continuous Financial Improvement

Most businesses think their work is done when they have a profitable year. However, the ultimate goal for any business should be to go beyond their short-term goals and achieve financial improvement on a continuous basis.

At Continuous Financial Improvement (CFI), a Lehigh Valley-based consulting firm, our goal is to help your business gain and sustain financial momentum. Using proven practices and operating by the strictest business and professional ethics, we will help you build equity in your company to meet your immediate and long-term goals. How do we accomplish this? Our method is simple…financial anaylsis, strategic analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All.

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Gerry engaged us in a manner that opened our eyes to the financial reality of our business. Her analysis was thorough, and her recommendations were thoughtful and actionable. The actions we are taking are likely to show results in three to six months from implementation. As a result of the process of working with Gerry, we are now on a better path toward financial success.

Jeremy Korpics, Owner, Stirling Painting & Renovations